Drinking Culture and Minimum Legal Drinking Essay

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Don’t lower the drinking age
When people start drinking when they are young or under 21, they don’t realize what they actually do. People are not mature enough to lower the drinking age, more accidents will happen, and higher risks or addiction will occur. The drinking age is 21 for a reason; they have enough reason to keep it at that. If people would to find more evidence to lowering a drinking age for a good reason, they would.
People don’t think about what could and will happen if younger kids start drinking. The younger the kid is the worse things will occur. More things happen to younger kids because they are not at the mature enough age to understand what is really happening on the in side. Also 21 is a mature age for most people and that’s why they have it at that.
When kids are under the age of 21, they are still going through a lot of different phases in there life. Everyone goes through different phases; some people have family problems, some people are maturing, and some people have different things going on. Being in high school, kids want to go out and experiment more, “in 2011, 34 % of high school students reported to be sexually active” (Foster, Susan E). Lowering the drinking age will cause more kids to be sexually active.
Once kids have that first drink they don’t stop, they will drink and drink and won’t know there limit. When kids don’t know there limit, it gets bad. They will get so drunk they pass out or just not remember anything and let themselves do anything. They will just go with the flow and let whatever happens. When they get up the next day, they regret everything they did that night, there are so many people in the US that does this and it’s not the only country.
Every year in Scotland, around 250 kids under the age of 15 end up in the hospital. With only about 5 million in population, it is pretty high. Scotland has different standards for drinking; when 18, you can drink, when your 16 or 17, you can drink in restaurants or hotels, and when over the age of 5, you can drink in your own house. In Scotland 36,000 people end up in the hospital a year because of alcohol, about 100 a day. In the US, about 40% of all the hospital beds are used for alcohol related accidents or diseases. The lower the drinking age goes, the higher the percentage will go. As a result to all that, more accidents and fatalities will occur.
In the article from Johnson, Alex, Sara “says that 28% of all accidents are from 16-24 year old kids from alcohol”. Each year more and more under age kids hide it from adults. Kids that age under the age 21 still drink, most of them are from 16 to 20. If they were to lower the drink age to 18, more kids would drink, kids would still hide it and it would make younger kids think its okay because they are almost old enough. If it was to be lowered, kids that are under 16 would start drinking a lot more. If younger kids would start to drink, more accidents would happen and a lot more kids would be getting in trouble. The more accidents that will occur, the more people that are going to die.
There are so many people that are dying every day from alcohol, not just by drunk driving and accidents, but by having a disease. “Fifteen thousand people are dying from alcohol related diseases every year.” (For Lowering the Legal Drinking Age Are Not Valid). This happens because all of the heavy drinking that is going on. A third of men are drinking around 21 units and a woman is drinking 14 on a weekly basis. That is double the limit that a guy and girl should consume. Therefore there are a lot of people drinking too much and under age. Most statistics show that when kids under the age of 21 start drinking. They are more likely to be a drinker once he or she grows up. The more they drink when then they are young the more addicted someone will get. When kids don’t drink at a young age they will be able to control what they drink and not get addicted to it. The reason why some kids