Drinking Water and Water Essay

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In experiment one was letting contaminated water filter through soil to see if the soil helped clean the water. In the three tests only one type of water was able to be filter through the soil. When you have contaminated water if the water is able to mix well with toxins then the chances of filtration is slim. Experiment two contaminated water was treated to help it separate then filtered through layers sand, soil, and gravel to finish filtering it then treated with bleach. It worked it took nasty black water and turned it back clear and removed the contamination. Then in experiment three I took three samples of water two different types of bottles water and tap water and took 5 different tests on them to find out what level of contamination it had. In these series of test I found that my tap water was less contaminated then the two bottles of water also my tap water was at the same levels at one of the bottles of water.
” Water quality matters, not simply as a matter of retaining potable water in our reservoirs and sustainable habitats for aquatic life, but for the hidden threat to the quality of water in our deep aquifers that eventually replenish our lakes and streams or for which we must tap by way of deep drilling techniques as surface water sources recede from easy access. Water quality issues include not only inorganic and toxic chemical compounds but organic matter and overgrowth of nutrients that can produce algae build-up and rob estuaries of vital oxygen levels”(Powers,2014). “Understanding water quality and the impact of pollution on water resources is vital to worldwide public health because access to potable water and modernized sanitation increases the lifespan and improves the health of world citizens more than any other advancement in the field of medicine”(Meinhardt, 2013). In experiment one the Effects of Groundwater Contamination this experiment was done to show a few different common everyday house whole products that could possible contaminate the ground water if disposed wrong. By doing this experiment it shows us how oil, vinegar, and laundry detergent mix with water and the affect it has on the water and if the soil can help keep the ground water from becoming contaminated. Experiment two Water Treatment was an experiment that helped us understand more on water treatment and how it works. In this experiment it showed us with the right filtration and by following the four stages, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection you can safely filter water. The final experiment was Drinking Water Quality this experiment was done to help people see the difference between the different bottled water and tap water. This is something that is important to know because some tap water can be really bad for you and if you know what you are drinking then you can do something to change it.
Experiment one hypotheses Oil hypothesis = When you combined the oil with the water the two will not mix and when you filter this mixture through the soil the oil should stay behind on the soil and not contaminated the ground water. Vinegar hypothesis = Vinegar will mix with water completely so when the water filters through the soil the water and vinegar mixture will go through the soil and contaminate the ground water. Laundry detergent hypothesis = The detergent and the water will mix and because of this the mixture will filter through the soil and contaminate the ground water. Experiment two hypothesis: If during filtration period of the contaminated water is double filtered and done properly and is treated this could help to remove the contamination from the water. Experiment three hypothesis: Tap water will contain the higher levels of contaminations because this water travels through unknown pipes that could be contaminated with bottle water the water is filtered and should show lower levels. In experiment one I needed 8-250mL Beakers, permanent maker, 3- wooden stir sticks,…