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Part C: You’re Marketing Plan

Kenneth Agbatutu
Dr. William Creamer
Marketing Management (MKT 500)
Monday August 25, 2014

Executive Summary Have you ever wished that you could have alcoholic drinks delivered to you instead of going out to go buy it? If you have, then Drinks2U provides the convenience of receiving your alcoholic beverages by simply making a phone call. We will deliver to your address and enable you to drink comfortably from the safety of your home. Drinks2U was created to make delivering alcohol to your front door as simple as ordering a pizza. The alcoholic beverages would be at state minimum prices and there would be a flat rate delivery fee. Safety measures have been developed and age verification is one of the business’s primary focuses. The sales of Drinks2U are expected to increase rapidly from advertising and word of mouth on social media. Creating a brand is creating the culture of the product. In order, to become a successful business it is important that the company build valued relationships with its customers. Drinks2U helps customers not waste their time by going out to get drinks when they can just call to have them delivered. Time is valuable and when you have delivery services for so many others things such as food and clothes why not have it for your alcohol as well.
Branding/Pricing/ Distribution Strategy Branding, pricing, and distribution are very important parts of a strategic marketing plan in developing you company. The purpose of marketing plan is to help a company make as much profit as they can each year. The marketing strategy can always change and will never stay the same. Drinks2U branding strategy will be to establish an identity that is easily relatable. The brand of Drink2U is young, hip and just the mention of Drink2U evokes a certain connation. Creating a brand is important in creating the culture of the product. Branding will be done through cultural promotion. The slogan of Drinks2U would “Out of drinks and want to keep the party going, Call Drinks2U and will be there in no time with the alcohol showing”. The logo would consist of an employee on a bike with drinks in the cart. The distribution strategy would be for Drinks2U to be marketed in states where there are fewer restrictions on the sales of alcohol primarily in California. Holidays and special events tend to dictate the sales of alcohol. Over the next five years, Drinks2U seeks to expand distribution throughout the United States and also partner with ABC stores. In partnering with ABC stores, Drinks2U would provide the delivery service to their clients’ thus increasing revenue. . In developing a market strategy a specific demographic will need to be targeted. Drinks2U target audience will be 21 and up. The marketing strategy will focus on young men. Research shows that men age 18 to 49 drink the most and a survey reports that 55 percent of men prefer beer, 21 percent favor liquor and 20 percent favor wine (Berman, 2013). According to the Beer Institute, the trade organization for the U.S. malt beverage industry, New Hampshire leads the country in beer consumption per capita, followed by North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota and Wisconsin (Berman, 2013). Customers of Drinks2U will more than likely submit orders in the late afternoon, evening, and late night. Drink2U will be marketed by utilizing ads, commercials and other social avenues.
Marketing Strategy
1. Research Industry
a. Determine what products we will market
b. Determine who I will market too
c. Determine Income Objectives
2. Build Awareness
a. How will I market Product Drinks2U prices their products with the client in mind. Drinks2U wants to provide a reasonable price to the customer while still making a profit. Value pricing is practiced so that customers are retained. The changing cost in alcohol will determine the delivery fee for the product. Drinks2U recognizes the fact that customers are