Effects Of Cell Phone While Driving

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As we all know from the existing mobile phone was provided to us everyday in many ways, Especially When we leave our homes, Because it is many times essential to Communicate remotely with Our peers, but we see the real risk it can bring us to do while driving. Recent studies show our Ability to Concentrate That driving while noticeably Decreases When We use our mobile phone, hands-free Whether or cell, Increasing from 5 to 10 times the risk of suffering an accident, this is One of the most important causes of Recognized and driver distraction.
Most people When They ring your mobile phone when to driving a car to them comes the curious who want to Communicate with each other, so do not That answers and know that then is where our senses are not 100% focused on driving, 50% receive no signal and decreasing the clearance, This situation is comparable to That of my drunk, is Shown to talk on cell phones interferes with driving as a gram of alcohol per liter of blood. Surveys show over 80% agree That That spoke by phone while driving a car, this is really scary, Because over 80% of accidents are Caused by people talking whit the cell phones .The 22.5% of all traffic accidents registered 1750 During 2012, the 175, was Caused by the recklessness of the driver talking on a cell phone while driving, there is no doubt That what I was doing wrong because i was not thinking much risk am Causing That many soldiers may think what happened to me was bad luck That stopped me the sergeant major in Time That Could have Caused a traffic accident without knowing it. No doubt there will be a next time Because I've learned That Nose runs and talking on cellular. I have many friends That They had had an accident and it is unfortunate to lose a