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There are so many places to live, New York, California, Montana, and all the other fifty states. So, you may be asking yourself why Grandview? Why such a small town? Well, wouldn’t you like a place that’s filled with friendly people? Or, the place that get the absolute amazing experience of all four seasons? Why wouldn’t somebody like to live in a small town with tons of places to hang out at? Why wouldn’t you take the chance to move to Grandview? In my opinion I believe that Grandview is the perfect place to raise a family in. There are many fun places to go and hang out at, there are amazing friendly people, and its one of the places that experiences every single season.
In Grandview, there are a variety of places for adolescents to hang out with their friends. This provides teens the opportunity to eat and talk with one another regularly. There are many restraunts and a student help center. Most of the houses are located close to town. Therefore it creates easy access to stores and restraunts. Kids also like to go to the different parks that Grandview has. The parks are in different places, so everyone can have easier access to them If there weren’t very many locations to touch bases with one another, then there would be a diminished chance of hanging out with other kids. This doesn’t leave enough social time, so teens would alter to anti-social behavior, which might result in declining academic performance, which might bring about low self-esteem, which then leads towards depression or attempted suicide. Many conditions would be of a higher quality if you made the decision of moving to Grandview.
Some people accept that having three or less seasons, will reduce allergies and illnesses. They also believe that having three or less seasons gives the opportunity for jobs. However, having four seasons allow your children to experience every season, from fall to winter. In my opinion I favor summer the most because there are many exciting activities to participate in, for example you can go swimming on a hot day, have a barbeque with the family, go camping, go for a hike, or play tennis. There are a los the well t of wonderful thing to do during winter too. You can go sledding, have snowball fights, or drink hot cocoa with your family. Fall is where you can go outside and feel the beautiful weather, and play in the leaves. In spring, you can smell the rain after it fell. Grandview is one of the cities in Washington that experiences all four seasons. As a parent, who loves his/her child, I suggest you move down to Grandview as quick as possible.
Statistics prove that, in Grandview, 13 out of 20 people know each other, either from school, work, the neighborhood, or just seeing each other around. This makes Grandview a friendly environment. I don’t think I could think of a friendlier place to live. When everyone knows each other it puts a sense of calm over the town. Imagine waking up and walking down the street, waving to everyone, and everyone waving back with smiles. Then arriving to work or school, and just feel like you can be yourself because you’re co-workers of classmates are also your friends. Grandview and the people in Grandview makes you feel secure and safe. The town is a lot safer, social, and friendlier, since everyone knows each other on a personal basis. You can just fell the love that flows through the town.
Grandview has the well-known places to hang out at, dairy queen for example a bit rare to find in a small community like Grandview. You can go and do different activities in all four seasons. In Grandview, everyone knows everyone. There are many reasons to move to Grandview, so please, I strongly urge you to make the smart, right choice of moving to Grandview.
My name is Vicky Donan I am 14 years old. I was born on July 15, 1998 and also in 9th grade. I have one brother named Raul we call him Andrew. I also have two sisters one is 9 her name is Lesly; my other sister is 15 her name is Jennifer. I’ve