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Driving in Las Vegas
In todays society there are many drivers who have difficulties of keeping their focus on the road, which not only causes terrible traffic but also accidents. People do not realize what they are risking when they do stupid things while driving. Las Vegas drivers are a pain in the butt. People do not know what is going on around them when they are driving. That is what causes the terrible accident that creates bad traffic. I believe that driving in Las Vegas is stressful, because people can never do the simple things in life, which is not being distracted by various situations.
It was a week before my birthday; I was involved in a car accident. The driver behind me struck me from behind and somehow ended up in front of me. The situation was hard to bare and understand at first, because this being my first accident I had no idea what I needed to do. The first thing I did was call my dad. Didn’t even think about calling the police because I guess I wanted to just hear a familiar voice and have someone beside me to comfort me. We were at a stoplight when the accident had occurred. She also damaged a small portion of another women whose car was also involved in the accident. I think she was distracted by texting or something that had her attention elsewhere. Little did we know she did not speak great English, her accent was thick and overpowering.
When the police arrived to get our statements the lady did not know what to say. She had her own fictional story about how she did not see me, to that I just stopped all of a sudden, to I cut her off too quickly. Standing just a few feet away I wanted to yell are you stupid, there was even a witness who was giving this lady an awkward look just because her story did not add up. Clearly the cop knew she was on something. We even noticed that she was having a difficulty walking with her four-inch high heels. We could not stop laughing at her. She had no idea what was going on besides the fact she was in an accident, or at least I hoped. Just seeing everything flashback and how this lady was acting it was not her fault made me see things differently.
I do things that take my attention of the road at times. For example when I would text and drive, or eat and drive, or maybe even have long workdays where I would tend to get drowsy at the wheel. All dangerous situations that I did not really acknowledge being high risked to others as well as myself. Seeing how the lady was acting took me into perspective, what if I am like that in the future. I would not want to be in denial, I have come to see that some people should stand up and take responsibility for their own actions. This incident