Driving Rather Than Biking To Places

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There are many reasons why many people opt for driving rather than biking to places. Biking requires more time and effort, and is rather tiring. Despite all these disadvantages, I feel immense pride and joy when I am riding a bike. I feel I am able to escape my surroundings and just enjoy myself by pedaling off into the distance. When I’m on a bike, I feel like I can take in the air and nature around me in a more personal way compared to if I was in a car. Biking helps me understand to look at life slowly rather than for granted; by using my own energy to power myself rather than depending on gas or electricity. I do not wish to be a professional biker; I just want to be able to take myself where I need to go without consequences to my surroundings. I use to have a bike, but I’ve long since outgrown my old one and unfortunately I haven’t ridden in years. My old bike is too small and breaks down a lot as well. I’m hesitant in purchasing a new bicycle because I have little experience in picking out a trustable source. However with a bike, I would save a lot of time and energy when I’m out for classes or chores. I want to be able to make it to class or events in time feeling energized rather than exhausted and out of breath. Walking and running damages the knees whereas biking supposedly strengthens the knees. My knees are very problematic, and I’m hoping with biking they will be able to improve. When I’m on a bike, the tiredness is replaced by adrenaline and the aches after a long ride make me feel proud rather than worn down. Biking is very valuable for me and I want to help promote biking and its positive impact for the environment. I would also watch for pedestrians and maintain safety cautions. I would