Driving Responsibiltys Essay

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The first step to becoming a license driver was passing the permit and I have already completed that part. Now I am on my way to getting my drivers license but first I must pass the required Drivers Education class first and when I'm done I know now exactly what I need in order to get my license. I need evidence of full name and date of birth, Social security number, filled out 50 hours of driving and 10 at night and also have had my permit for more than six months. When I arrive to the DMV to take my test I must have my vehicle registration and license plates, and a car that is in good shape to be driving.
When going to take my Drivers test I know exactly what to expect. Once I get in the car I must put on my seat belt and check my mirrors. When I am on the road I have to be able to keep full control of my car. I will start at 100 points and will be deducted for everything I do wrong. I need an 80% to pass the test. During the test I will be asked to make a lot of turns, when making a turn I must use my turn lights and look over my side for blind spots. Also, when parallel parking I must remember to also use my turn signals so other drivers behind me can see what I am doing. If I come to a school bus I must stop and wait for it to proceed. I must also come to complete stop at every Stop sign. If I do all these steps correctly I will be on my way to being full privileged driver. I understand that driving is a privilege and not a right. I know that once I am on the road I am suppose to follow the rules and be responsible and if I don't my license can be suspended, revoked or cancelled. When reading through Unit 1 I learned a lot of things I never knew about suspension of a license. For example, twelve or more points can lead to suspension, driving under the influence, collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist, failure to appear for a ticket, child support and illegal activity