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Driving under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol is a foolish and dangerous thing to do in any situation. There is never a good reason to get behind the wheel while you are under the influence of any substance that is going to cloud your judgment to drive your car properly. I know this first hand, because I decided that I could drive my car while I was under the influence of prescription medication and alcohol. Even though I did not have that many drinks the prescription medication that I was on, made me feel like I had drunk more than I had. It impaired my judgment so much that I did get into an accident on the highway at 2 a.m. in the morning. I was hit by the end of a semi-truck, then swung into the guardrail and it scraped the right side of my car up from the top to the bottom. I then had to call for a ride home from my brother, while I also called my boyfriend to get a tow truck to tow the car home. I was lucky that there was not a cop around to see what had happened, even though I was hit first, I was under the influence and the semi-truck never even stopped. I don’t know if he even knew he hit me or not. He hit me hard enough that I was thrown into the guardrail, but had I been more alert the accident might not have happened. I didn’t kill myself or anyone else that night but I could have, and that made me think twice about ever driving under the influence again. So who better to tell you why you shouldn’t drive under the influence then someone that has driven under the influence and had a near death experience. The way I felt when I got in that accident made me realize how foolish I was that I wouldn’t let my boyfriend take my keys from me just hours ago, I told him I was fine to drive and that I would see him at home when I was finished doing what I needed to do. I had to go see I friend at 2 a.m. in the morning. I didn’t have to but I wanted to, and since I wasn’t in my right mind, I decided to go see my friend so late at night, and they lived thirty minutes from the home my boyfriend and I shared. It would have taken me a few minutes to drive home from the bar we were at but I drove the thirty minutes to my friend’s house and never made it there because I go into an accident with the car because I wasn’t alert. I don’t feel like I got away with anything because even though the cops were not involved, I lose my car because it was totaled after the car accident. I lost my car when all I had to do was leave my car at the bar and get in the car with my boyfriend and get my car in the morning, and I could of also went to my friend’s house in the morning as well. It is not worth losing your life or killing someone else just because you want to go do something you can do another time. If there is a driver that is not drunk, and you are then you need to let the person that isn’t drinking drive you home, and do whatever it is you need to do the next day. You will be saving your own live and someone else’s life as well. Even if you don’t kill yourself or someone else, if you get pulled over and get a dui, you will have so much stuff to do to keep your license, if they don’t take it away. On top of losing your license, you will have to go to classes that you will have to pay for and most likely have one of those things that you have to blow into to let you drive in your car. If they put that equipment in your car you are also paying for that to be put into your car and not to mention all the days you will lose from work having to go back and forth to court