Driving: Wisconsin and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Essays

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Having kids comes with responsibilities and things that have to be done for them. Some new ideas that people have been coming up with is that parents should start having programs installed into their kids’ phones so that they can see text messages, pictures, and calls. Another idea is to have cameras installed into vehicles, which email parents with their speed, errors they have made while driving and noise level of stereos. This is not a good idea because for a number of reasons. Now while having these advantages could be good they could be bad as well. It can allow parents to make sure that their children are driving responsible. On the other hand, it can make children not have as much respect for their parents, not be able to be independent and/or can cause the teen to not talk to their parents as well. So is it the right thing to do, or the wrong thing to do? A reason parents should not put cameras in their kids car, or monitor their cell phone is because teens can lose their respect for their parents. They might feel as if their parents do not trust them enough to let them do their own thing. Also it may seem that the parents are not giving them enough space to be a teenager. “I felt violated, because it was going to be recording me,” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). Lastly the teens might feel as if they constantly have someone on their back about everything. Another reason if would not be a good idea is because teenagers more than likely will not talk to their parents as much. For example, if they did monitor their every move teens might think that they already know what has been going on in their life,