Driving and Licensed Driver Moves Essay

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Your License to Drive

1. When a licensed driver moves to Virginia from another state, he/she will have 60 days to obtain a Virginia driver’s license.

2. List 4 items you can use to verify your social security number.

1. Social security card. 2. W-2 tax form. 3. Un-expired Military identification card 4. Pay roll check or check stub.

3. If you are under the age of 18, you must provide written parental consent to obtain a learner’s permit.

4. In order to get a learner’s permit in Virginia, you must be at least 15 years and 6 months old.

5. A learner’s permit allows you to practice driving with a licensed driver at least 21 years old or with an immediate family member at
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Signs, Signals & Pavement Markings

1. Give the meaning of a:

Steady red light Flashing red light Flashing yellow light

2. Give the meaning of each sign shape:

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 3. Match each sign color with its meaning.

1 orange B. yellow C. blue D. green

E. red F. brown G. fluorescent optic yellow

prohibitive school or pedestrian crossing

general warning recreation area

motorist services directions


4. This sign means:

Roadway Markings

a. A solid line indicates .

b. A broken line indicates .

c. A yellow line indicates .

d. A white line indicates .

e. A broken yellow line indicates and .

6. What is the meaning of the thick white lines in this diagram?

7. Whenever you see , THINK WORK ZONE!

8. What potential dangers do drivers encounter in a work zone?

9. List 6 safety tips for driving through a work zone.

1. 2. 3.