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Maya Woods
European History
Dr. Robbins
25 November 2014
The Enlightened Government of the French Revolution In the French Revolution the form of the government changed. But through these changes the government attempted to bring aspects of the enlightenment into practice several ways. The government. During the years of 1789-1795 approaches used included representative A representative government is necessary when incorporating concepts of the enlightenment. This enables the voice of the people to be heard. Without this there would be no communication of the ideas of the people. The third estate separated from the government to become it’s own government to give a voice to the people. Members from other estates also joined them though it was against the king’s will. They did this outrageous act in order to bring justice to the people. The third estate consisted of the most people, but also the poorest people. They were the also forced to pay the most taxes of the three estates. With the succession not only would the voice of the people be heard but equality was also enforced. When the third estate established their government a group of supporters called the Jacobins emerged. They were a group of rationalists who did not want a constitutional monarchy. They supported having the voice of the people heard rather than have the royals make every decision that their lives depend on. Because the Jacobins were rationalists they believed in philosophical thought. Thus they began to spread the concept of philosophical thinking throughout France. They were involved in many big acts of the revolution as they fought against the Girondists, who supported a constitutional monarchy. They fought for the freedom to run their own lives by participating in events such as breaking in and destroying bastille. They refused to let anyone get in the way of their…