Essay about Drones: United States and Drone Strikes

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Drones (against): Ever wonder if you really have privacy or if we are making some sort of peace around the world? Many people would say yes, very few will say no. I ask to the people that say yes to think it twice because over a few thousand feet on the air they’re these deadly things called drones. Drones observe every little move you make it’s like the Christmas songs says “they see you’re sleep etc… drones invade private lives not only here in the states but all around the globe. The use of drones in war zones have been in the existence since the gulf war back in the early 90’s at first it was a great move I must admit it did keep American troops a lot safer. I will also say that the use of the drones against another country’s military during times of war will benefit us hugely keep our men and women of the armed forces safe. Nowadays our government tends to target terrorist groups all around the globe, from the United States all the way to the Middle East where most drone strikes are occurring right now as you’re reading this. A drone or the person operating the drone does have a critical job he might say that he had successfully targeted a group of terrorist, let’s say in Afghanistan but in reality it was a house full of innocent women and children. A lot of people don’t seem to get the idea that not only terrorist are dying, but also innocent people that where in the wrong time and place. Drones violate international laws by violating the sovereignty of other countries. A big example I can give is that the United States use of drones over Syria, yeah Syria is having a civil war on their country and we’re using drones to attack Syrian rebels better known for us as ISIS fighters, but at the same time we don’t know if we’re killing innocent people in a drone strike. Here in the states drones are all over the place, right here in our border you can barely see a drone “keeping watch” of our borders. Are the drones really keeping us safe or just invading our privacy. Is it violating our right of liberty? Or our fourth amendment in the bill of rights? Where the fourth amendment indicates that no unreasonable searches and seizures shall be made, but in reality the government is searching our homes without a warrant shown to us by any judge authorizing the use of drones on American air space invading or private lives. Drones should be eliminated, yes the should only be used during times of war, we don’t have to invade other country’s privacy to take down terrorist that usually turns out to be innocent women and children, if the U.S wants a terrorist dead they should simply tell the country where the terrorist is reciting at to take it down by sending a couple of troops and execute the plan. In our land we’re too safe I believe we have the best military in the world protecting us, we also have fine men and women with a badge protecting us as well we don’t need more “security.” The drones instead of being protecting us they are just invading our private lives. Drones are believe to be a dangerous creation, for being an inaccurate robot with a mounted machinegun, so why should we trust this dangerous creation that only brings chaos where is not needed, on top of that those robots have also a mounted camera which allow it to see everything everybody does on their