Drop The Atomic Bomb Persuasive Essay

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I Truly believe that we should drop the bomb in Japan. This is a great responsibility that must be to end the war with the Imperial Japanese Army. This decision was made by me watching the testing and progress which took places at trinity. As your top adviser, this is necessary to see the full power of the atomic bombs named “Little boy” and “Fat Man”. This was a tough decision to made but I will show my points of how important it is for us to do this for the hope and future of the United States and the Allied. These reason for it will be the Japanese unbreakable will, a number of casualties this will have and if now drop what would happen, the large investment of making these bombs, about how they will soon show how dangerous if others have the power to build these monstrous weapons of war.

The first thing that is very imports about-about is the strength of Japan. The Japanese army is known for having a high honor and will not give up but after the Germans were defeated. Our allies the Soviet Union was going to move west to help invade Japan to end this war But there is some tension that the Soviet Union is feeling too powerful so to show that Japanese can surrender easier we should just drop it instead of having soldiers
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The year of the depression that we came from we manages the atomic bomb which has cost us about 2 billion dollars of funding to build these dangerous weapons of mass destruction. The bomb was researched in over 3 labs over the United States with over hundred thousand workers on it. this bomb was one of the most expensive weapons ever made by our military and only having two will have an important role to be played when drop. I have watched the power and seen what happen when the bomb is drop.the affect on their land will last for centuries as a scar of using the atomic bomb.This investment will show how dangerous these bombs are to the world and a reason for no other nations to use