Dropout Factory Documentary Analysis

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The documentary focuses on the problem of student dropout rates and observes four students at Sharpston High School in Texas, a former "dropout factory". All four students experience some daily struggles, such as family issues and youth pregnancy, in their lives outside of the school as they seek to graduate. Their daily struggles lead to the inadequate participation of school for education that they need. In the film, it shows both what the daily lives of these four student participants and the teachers who are involved to help them look like, and more importantly the interactions among them. Education is the single most important determinant of income and wealth in the industrial society (Snedker, 01/05/2017). This film, however, shows us these kids are already in a disadvantaged living conditions that affect their educational opportunity, and it is critical for everyone to understand why and what causes the problem. The significance of this documentary is that it gives us a …show more content…
So, what makes them not able to get through the school years? One enormous factor that can generalize the answers is social inequality. An inequality can be a product of the social class or perhaps vice versa. Weber suggests that social class is a reflection of individual property and income that determine their life chances (Weber, ). In the film, some student participants, especially for the one who has a kid to take care of, express that they have to work. No matter whether they understand education is the key to a better career or not, the only thing appears to matter now is surviving today. It is like a vicious cycle. Living in the lower class stops them from pursing a better future, and then the failure of pursing a better future traps them in the lower