Dropouts: High School and Students Essay examples

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Researchers and educators have determined in today’s fast-paced complex technological society, academic performance in middle and high schools students across the nation are at an all time low. Hence, the aforementioned notion is leaving many college graduates struggling to find jobs and employers struggling to find capable workers (Barge, 2012). The state of Georgia is trying to assist in assuring that student’s mental abilities coincide with academic offerings that are in high demand areas while assisting students with the skills necessary to secure high paying jobs. Consequently, the state of Georgia has created a new course curriculum for its high school students known as Career Pathways. Educational experts believe that one of the reasons there are more and more high school Dropouts is because the academic course offerings are not relevant. In order for students to retain academic information, classes need to be more challenging and contain relevance to hold student interest. Researchers believe that if students find their passion and experience relevance in the classroom, that ultimately the enormous high school drop out rate would decrease substantially. Experts also believe that when students truly possess that passion for learning—retention of information is greater and the drop out rate is lowered. Many parents also believe that this will rekindle the desire for their offspring to attend school more regularly and have a clear sense of direction. When students are motivated to learn they tend to do much better academically.
According to Superintendent John Barge, the planning strategy to re-engage students will be three-fold in nature to try to ensure no student falls through the nets. That is in elementary school career awareness will be implemented in the classroom. The middle