Dropping of Atomic Bomb Essay example

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The first reason it is justified for dropping the atomic bomb, is what Japan did to Pearl Harbor. The attack on Pearl Harbor killed over 2,000 people, without any prior attack on them. The only things America did that could have possibly provoked them is cutting of our trade with them, and limiting their oil supplies. Two necessary actions that should have been done peacefully. Considering this ended the dispute between the two countries, the bombings should not only consider it successful, but justified. To second the justification of the bombings, World War Two did not look like it was near end at the time. This war needed to end, for it was very costly in money and lives of the American people. The end of this war would have helped prevent another attack on U.S soil, which could have killed more innocent U.S citizens. The Japanese had ruthless suicidal strategies which could have been very dangerous if American soldiers invaded Japan as opposed to the atomic bomb. At the time of the bombing, European countries were slowly losing power and becoming more and more irrelevant. Japan however, was still powerful and took control of several hundred islands in the Indian Ocean. If Japan wasn’t stopped now, where would it end? The war would simply continue on and many more innocent lives would have been sacrificed during the war. To further back up the justification of the bomb dropping, America gave Japan an extremely upfront warning. The official “warning” was called the