Essay about Drug Abuse

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Drug Abuse
Do you know somebody that abuses drugs? Have you ever been worried about their health? Some believe drug abuse is not a serious problem. Do you think drug abuse is a serious problem in society? I believe drug abuse is a serious problem because it affects family structure, school and the community.
To begin with, drug abuse can affect family structure in many ways. Drugs can bring harm to the family by causing the person that’s abusing drugs to hurt their family physically and emotionally. When people abuse drugs, it can cause them to have very strong anger and lots of stress. Most of the time people are angry and stressed about not having the drugs when they want them. They feel like drugs will give them relief to everything and make them feel better. Women going through pregnancy and abusing drugs can also affect their family by giving birth to drug addicted babies. Abusing drugs can also cause families to be torn apart with divorce, arguments, and etc.
Another way drug abuse can be a serious problem is by affecting and bringing harm to school. People abusing drugs that come to school can be dangerous to staff and other students. These people abusing drugs can be disruptive and strongly violent when they’re under the influence. This can cause more violence and bad actions at school. Young people who are teens and abusing drugs most likely become a drop out and often lack motivation and self-discipline. Use of alcohol, drugs and etc., is unsafe especially at school.
Last but not least, drug abuse can also