drug abuse Essay

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Drug abuse is an issue that is attracting much attention and condemnation in the society. Drugs by simple definition include those in raw or unprocessed and those in finished or processed forms .
Frustration in life due to factors like unemployment, disease, marital conflicts, broken home, dropping out from school among others could lead youths to drug taking while lack of stiff penalty for the culprits further goes a long way in encouraging it in the society. When those involved are not detained and punished, others would want to imitate them based on the believe that they too would enjoy the same freedom. Lack of proper education of youths on the dangers inherent in drug taking further encourages it. Government therefore needs to educate the masses in this regard.
The negative effects of drug taking in the society cannot be underestimated. Due to drug abuse, many youths are now into social vices like stealing, pilfering, assassinations, armed robbery and prostitution. It is believed that such drugs give them the boldness to involve in such acts.
The issue encourages high death rate in the society. Many of those youths involved die prematurely because of the inability of their body system to cope with such drugs. Many lunatics are in the major streets today because of their dealings in Indian hemp, cocaine, heroine and other dangerous narcotics.
Drug abuse undermines the image of a nation. Nations that are dealing in drugs are usually castigated among the comity of nations. Citizens and leaders of such nations are thus treated as 'pariah' among their colleagues. A lot of money is usually spent by government to curb the menace. Such money could have been spent on activities that could have benefited the masses. Those dealing in drugs have low personality. They cannot do anything except if they take drug first. Such drugs usually give them the boldness to carry out activities that are beyond their natural ability.
The issue goes a long way in encouraging cultism in the society. Many of those involved in cultism use drugs to stimulate them and thus give them the boldness to indulge in their criminal and nefarious