Drug Abuse Essay

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Have you ever taken into consideration the causes and effects of drug abuse? Many haven’t and the lack of knowledge has ruined many lives. Every year drug abuse has impacted millions of American families worldwide. Drug abuse is simply the over usage of drugs. People who typically abuse drugs are those who are addicted. Well, how does addiction link with drug abuse? The addiction of a drug can become so strategic that it takes over ones life, causing them to use everyday. With this over abundance of drug use the body get comfortable and naturally becomes addicted.

The cause and effects of drug abuse is sequential. It all begins with why a user starts the drug and what typically happens once the addiction has manifested. Although there is an abundant amount of unfortunate scenarios, the most common are family history of addiction, peer pressure, and depression. When people have a hereditary drug addiction background, it usually means they’ve been surrounded by this activity. These individuals have become quite adequate with living in these conditions and some not by choice. Depression however is different. When an individual is disconsolate they feel as though they are alone and have no point of living. So when they’re introduced to drugs, they’re carefree.

They stop caring for their loved ones and eventually neglect all they’ve known. Not only does the addiction affect the drug addicts’ family but the addict