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Drug Abuse
People have been using drugs and “home remedies” to cure or lessen the effects of certain things. But then people realized that you have a different feeling when they take them. This leads to addictions and drug abuse. Today there are many drugs that are for the most part easy to get their hands on in this country.
One popular drug in the US is marijuana. With some of the states legalizing the use of it, Mary Jane has been put into the national spotlight. The most common way to administer this drug is smoking it, but it can also just be swallowed. Some of the effects that weed enacts are relaxation, slowed reaction time, impaired balance, increased heart rate, and panic attacks. Even with those effects there are still the health risks.
Coughing due to frequent respiratory infections, possible mental health decline and addiction just to name a few of the risks (Featured Publication).
Another popular drug is cocaine. Coke can either be snorted, smoked, or injected. There are a lot of effects that deal with crack, some of them are increased heart rate and blood pressure, increased energy and alertness, tremors, anxiety, and violent behavior. Some of these reasons are why the drug is taken, like the increased energy and alertness. But with those effects come risks. These include weight loss, insomnia, cardiac problems, strokes, seizures, and addiction. This is a dangerous drug with deadly risks (Featured Publication).
One of the most popular forms of drug treatment is group counseling. Here people recognize their problem and talk to other people that have problems and that are willing to listen. Sometimes this is all people need to get over their addiction. It also

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helps to know that there are other people out there that have the same problem(Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment).
With all of the new drugs that are being created and refined today, it is easy for anyone to get addicted. But if people know that they have a problem, they can get the