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Have you ever wondered why many teenagers take drugs? No matter what the race, gender or the age is many teenager are getting addicted to drugs. During high school year many teenagers are trying to figure out who they are in society. Figuring it out “who they are” is not easy. For many teenagers high school years are the worst times. During this time many teenagers try to do anything to cope their problems by taking drugs. The most important social issue studied in grade 9 english class is Drug abuse because it causes depression, poor decisions, and low marks in their academics.

Drug abuse has a significant impact on teenager’s lives because it can lead them into depression. In the novel, Sold, one of the characters, Shilpa is a prostitute. She was sold to prostitution when she was small to pay of a debt her family had. Due to the fact that she was sold for prostitution, she was dealing with depression because she must sleep with men to pay off her loan little by little. In this text, the boy who sells drugs to Shilpa, explains why Shilpa takes drugs to another character “quote”. In the novel, Shilpa is always angry, cranky and mad which were some effects of the drugs. But by doing this she added more to her loan because her mood wasn't pleasing the men so she didn't get many customers. Many teens try to get rid of their depression by taking drugs just like Shilpa. But what many teenagers do not know that it would not help, taking drugs increase chances of having