Essay on Drug Abuse

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Ke’ala Bryant
English 101
October 27, 2014
Ms. Sullivan
The Successful Student Some students in high school never really learn how to fluctuate their time or study habits. Thus, they may struggle through their first semester of college. A student should figure out their best way to study; with distractions like the television or the speakers on trying to write an essay that has quality might be hard. Bad study habits may cause a student to struggle, which causes frustration. He/she can join club activities which results with him/her making more friends while balancing school work. Students should get involved. School doesn’t always have to revolve around school work. A student should find a school activity that’s fits their schedule. Yet, adjusting to school may be hard for others and feel like school may be impossible. A student can become successful in so many ways, such as being on time to class, keep an assignment notebook handy, and time management. In order to be a successful student, you must get to class on time. If you want to be on top you should prep the night before meaning iron your clothes. Doing this could save you at least 5 to 10 minutes. You could always have coffee or take out your trash. If you don’t already have one an alarm clock would come in handy. After buying your clock, you must set the clock at least an hour or two before your class begins in the morning. If your one of those who’s not a morning person you should set the alarm to an annoying “beep, beep” noise instead of music that puts you to sleep. Whatever you do don’t be urged to hit the snooze button which more times
Bryant 2 than likely will make you late for class. Proceeding with these steps he/she will have 30 minutes to eat breakfast which will help him/her focus in class without being distracted or embarrassed by their stomach growling. This leaves him/her with fifteen minutes to shower which will wake them up; fifteen more minutes to groom themselves; five minutes to brush their teeth; twenty minutes to dress. The time to get to class depends on your pace and how far your class or school is. Daily activities in the amount of time that you have, the student will stay be on time for class each day. Assignment books all successful student should have one. The notebook will help you in numerous ways. It will help from quiz dates, tests, and chapter readings that are given in his/her syllabus when the semester starts. The notebook is like a reference. Only because the student if missing information can refer to the notebook for any help. It saves you time instead of looking through papers you’ve collected over the course of the semester. As far as project and essay dates it’s better to work on them prior to your due date. Completing and reviewing the materials gives you time to look over your stuff more than once and make changes if necessary. You shouldn’t be a procrastinator. Therefore making school work and studying your first priority you have all the time in the world for your friends, hobbies and free