Drug Addiction and Employee Assistance Program Essay

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What is normal drinking? There is no right answer, but one drink per day, or one to three drinks at a time when not drinking daily is generally considered "normal". ONE DRINK
= 12 ounces beer OR 5 ounces wine OR 1 ounce hard liquor.
What is alcohol abuse? Use of alcohol that leads to dangerous or risky behavior, job performance problems, legal (DUI, assault) and relationship problems (arguments, separation, divorce, domestic violence), or a decline in the quality of life. Over time, abuse leads to the development of tolerance for increased amounts of alcohol.
What is alcohol dependence? Use of alcohol that continues despite a desire to stop drinking.
The body begins to need alcohol to function. Dependence leads to problems related to abuse
PLUS shakes, blackouts (having no memory of actions after drinking), physical health problems, seizures and other withdrawal symptom.
Delta's Alcohol Policy prohibits employees from coming to work with alcohol in their system, or from using while on duty. It recognizes alcoholism as a disease, encourages employees to voluntarily seek treatment for alcoholism (and prescription drugs), and provides coverage for treatment via health benefits. Employees return to work when cleared by their treatment provider.
Breach of policy can lead to termination.
Delta's Voluntary Recovery Option gives employees a one time opportunity to voluntarily disclose problems related to illegal drug use. Employees may disclose to a supervisor, the
Employee Assistance Program, or Human Resources. Health benefits continue as long as the employee remains compliant while in treatment. Disclosure should occur before any