Drug Addiction and Television Essay

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In “Crack and the Box” by Peter Hamil, he makes a point that television and drugs is something that you could make a strong comparison about, because of the fact that the percentage of people doing drugs and watching television is basically the same.
The story starts off talking about a lady; who is addicted to crack cocaine and lives in a welfare hotel with her children. As Hamil is talking to her, hers kids are hypnotized by the television. Once Peter left he thinks about drug addiction and how it effects today’s society. It’s basically comparing 60’s to today. Although drugs were not as big as it is today it was still affected. People are so worried or addicted to these two things that it’s taking them away from reality. Television does the same things as drugs would do to you because it’s causing you to not think about anything else besides what you’re doing. An example is that you can be watching a show and you block out something really important that a family could be telling you because of the fact that our so focused to the television. Drugs are the most important thing in an addicts life, nothing else matters. Taking candy away from a baby can be as hard as taking a remote from a person who’s addicted to television and taking crack cocaine away from a drug addict. There are plenty of similarities between drug and television addicts.
However, “in 1950 only 10% of Americans homes had T.V sets but this had grown to 99%”. Televisions have become more abundant and also the growth of televisions makes the easier to