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Drug Consumption
Larissa Guzman
The University of Texas at El Paso

Abstract: Have you ever been in a situation where you have been very depressed and you do not find any solution to your problem? Have you ever thought that the only solutions of your problems are drugs? Have you ever lose a love one because of drugs? Do you actually know what signs should you start looking at when it comes where you really want to prevent someone from consuming drugs? Drugs had become a very important issue in our lives. We had seen a lot of situations where teenagers start consuming drugs just because they feel depressed or unwanted from everybody and they think that by using drugs that feeling would disappear. Some of the teenagers just use drugs because they want to fit in at school, and the only way they could reach that is by using drugs. Sometimes parents are not aware of this issue and that is a real problem too. It is very important for teenagers to understand that the consumption of drugs is not a game and it would not help at all, the only thing that drugs would do is destroy their lives, but not only we need to inform to teenagers about this problem, but also to parents, so that way they could start observing any kind of signs or could talk to their children more in order to prevent them from becoming addict to drugs. Probably some of you have passed through this situation once, or probably you are passing through this situation right now, but it is also true that some of you have not even thought about this problem. Drugs could at first make you feel that could solve everything in your life, but if you think about it drugs could become one of your worst problem or enemy in your life. Teenagers are in dangerous of getting involved in drugs, that is why we need to inform every single teenager and parents too in order to prevent people from dying just because we are not well informed or we don’t want to actually pay that much attention to this problem, because we think that this is never going to happen to us. This report would inform you about everything that I saw important and helpful in order to stop this problem to grow rapidly. By doing this report I came out with four questions that I saw are important for people to be aware of and the following questions are:
1. What gender tends to be more addictive to any kind of drug men or women?
2. Approximately at what age do young people start using any kind of drugs?
3. What are some reasons of drug use?
4. What is really the definition of addiction?

These questions might be very helpful in order to make teenagers and parents be aware of this issue.
What gender tends to be more addictive to any kind of drug men or women?
It is very important to know what gender is the one that consume more drugs men or women in order to start doing something about it. There are videos where they actually answers this question. Harvard Health Publications stated that, “Men are more likely than women to become addicts. In 2008, the U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 11.5% of males ages 12 and older had a substance abuse or dependence problem, compared with 6.4% of females” ( Para.2). This reference is actually stating that men are more likely than women to become more addictive to drugs then women and they proved it by doing this U.S. National Survey on Drug Use. Not because it is proven that man consume more drugs than women we should not get scared for women. We should care for women too and try to keep women from not consuming more drugs. For man since it is answered that man are more likely to become more addictives to women we should start doing something about it. Inform them more and their parents and talk to them about the consequences of consuming drugs. This is not a game and every year many teenagers are consuming more and more drugs and we have to stop this.
Approximately at what age do young