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Course information
Comm1060 201401
Discovering Language Culture and Society
Course Coordinator: Karen Kiesau




 Welcome to Discovering Language, Culture and Society. This course is designed to do two things: first, help you learn all the key skills you need to communicate effectively at university and in the professional context and second, to ask the big question: 'why' in new and innovative ways. We look forward to a great semester of questioning what's happening around us and what it all means!

Karen Kiesau

Location: B5-02
Email: Karen.kiesau@unisa.edu.au
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Course overview
Course statement
The individual, agency and society, including concepts of identity, and social action, social institutions, urban, rural and global societies. Academic and professional discourses, including context, structure, organisation, and purpose of academic texts. Language and interaction, including critical analysis of language choices in diverse social and cultural contexts. Intercultural communication. Perspectives on research practice in multiple disciplines. Career Management Skills: self awareness and opportunity awareness. Learning objectives
On completion of this course, students should be able to:
CO1. to develop a conceptual understanding of language, culture and the social and their role in academic and professional contexts
CO2. to develop an appreciation of a range of approaches to research and ethical dimensions of those practices CO3. to develop skills in gathering and processing information from a variety of sources
CO4. to develop skills to engage critically so as to identify fact, opinion, evidence, and argument and evaluate the ideas and arguments presented by others
CO5. to develop an understanding of authoring principles and processes for professional and academic purposes and apply these to the writing of texts
CO6. to develop basic Career Management Skills
Prerequisite(s)/Assumed knowledge
Teaching and learning arrangements
This course is taught through four hours of class weekly, made up of

1x 2 hour lecture and

1 x 2 hour tutorial
Attendance requirements
Students must attend and participate in all course sessions (course sessions include lectures, tutorials or workshops) throughout the semester.
We understand that sometimes situations can make attendance at course sessions difficult, so students are permitted to miss up to two course sessions without explanation. Absences may be approved if a current medical certificate, counsellor's certificate or other acceptable explanation is provided.
However, students who miss more than two sessions without reasonable explanation may be requested to see an Academic Counsellor to explain their absences and discuss potential academic progress issues. The meeting will also discuss other appropriate support options available to them.

Other special requirements
Learning resources
You will need continual access to the following text(s) in order to complete this course. The library will only hold one copy of the nominated text books and therefore you will need to acquire the book(s).
Weekly readings are available from the course home page, through hyperlinks to required files
Other resources
See resources on course home page
Course homepage
SAIBT Portal > Moodle > Available Subjects > Course
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Evaluation of the course
SAIBT is committed to quality assurance and part of that process is the collection of student feedback on the courses that are delivered. Students will be