Drug Interactions By Dianna Hale Summary

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In Dianna Hales story titled “Drug Interactions”, she explains how over the counter and prescription drugs can counteract with one another. For example, mixing a cold medicine with tranquilizers can cause drowsiness and coordination problems, thus making driving a vehicle dangerous. Some medicines should not counteract with one another because it can cause severe side effects and be dangerous to the person using the drugs. Even eating and drinking with certain types of medications can completely disintegrate the use of the medication. As the article explains, aspirin takes five to ten times as long to be absorbed when taken with food or shortly after a meal than when taken on an empty stomach does. To avoid interactions between certain types of medicines make sure to always check the labels on the bottle to make sure both medicines do not cancel each other out. Also, never drink a hot beverage such as coffee or hot tea with the medication because it could interfere with the effectiveness of the drug. Alcohol use with most medications can change the rate of metabolism and can affect the usage of the drug. In response to reading this article was that I knew most of …show more content…
I really enjoyed reading this article, especially since I am going in the medical field. Also knowing that alcohol can affect the types of medicines you could be taking is very interesting as well. I feel this short article would be a good thing for someone with no experience in medications because it gives a brief description on what to always look out for when taking a certain type of medication. Reading this article really made me realize that taking both over the counter prescriptions and prescriptions made for you can effect both of the different medications in the