Drug Laws Op Ed Ronald Tiglao Essay

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Sale and use of heroin should be prohibited
I argue that both the sale and use of heroin should be prohibited to prevent the harm to others. The effects of heroin can be dangerous and can lead to death. The liberty or freedom to consume and sell of heroin should be prohibited to prevent another human being from death and harm. Heroin can lead to the harm of others by distribution of drug by needle and consumption of the drug in general. This harm can affect friends, family and even acquaintances. When you use heroin, you make bad judgments like offering a close one heroin or leaving a needle in the counter and having your kid consuming heroin can be bad. You have the right to make your own choices except for something like consuming heroin can be fatal because of personal use and sale. When you use heroin, you get addicted and want more. When you want more, you need money and in this case, you have the urge to sell and cause heroin harm to others. Personal use can harm others because most cases of heroin use leads to death. Death can cost a lot of money due to the burial procedures. Heroin alone is also costly. You should be spending money to feed your family instead of money in heroin. The sale of heroin can provide money but is worst due to it affects the lives of a huge amount of population. By consuming heroin, you’re not just harming yourself but mostly others. That’s why both sale and use of heroin should be prohibited. Heroin itself should be called death due to that’s what it usually leads to. Most heroin users’ overdose and death occurs. By prohibiting sale and use, it lessens the production of heroin due to a reduced amount of heroin buyers. The sale and use of heroin has also become illegal. It’s the law and it is a law for a reason. The use and sale of heroin can lead to prison sentence. To put someone to jail, it also cost a lot of money. That money was taken from people’s tax money to provide for the heroin addict. Consuming heroin really does affect most people in a bad way. Either sale or use of heroin usually leads to one another, that’s why in this case it is good to restrict liberty when doing so to prevent harm to others. In response to my argument, a critic might say that not all heroin users become addicts and not all of them make bad judgments. A critic would also say that not all heroin users affect or hurt others. A critic will agree to have a person who is already an addict to keep consuming heroin because stopping it can have bad after effects. Also a critic would argue how a person is only hurting themselves, not others. Most people would think personal choice of freedom is good but can have bad consequences towards others. A critic might think that my argument is wrong because some people survive by personal use and sale of drugs to earn money and fix emotional issues. People have issues and some try to fix it by consuming drugs. Drugs are some of the things people consume to get through some daily activities. To some, drugs are there miracle fix to life problems and it makes them feel better. So why take away something that a handful of