Drug Testing Argumentative Essay

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There are people who thinks drug testing to recieve your welfare benefits isn't right. There are also some who thinks this should be done. Every year our Government hands out over a trillion dollars or more to low-income based families. Drug testing will help in keeping the benefits being spent on drugs.With doing so may help in the aid of America's fight on drugs.This will help make sure that the benefits are being used the way they are intended to be used.Maybe the money that is saved could help fund a rehabiltation center to aid with getting the members of the family off drugs and getting their lives back on track.
Drug testing would allow the abuser to come forth and maybe get the help they need to get clean and stay clean. It would also make it where they and their families can go to counseling to over come the pain the addiction has
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So is having to take a drug test for a job. Just because alot of people do drugs, the tax payer has to be subjected to a drug test. There was a study in 2012 by Urban Institute that showed the majority of TANF recipients are children. However this is true but there is an adult collecting these benefits for said children and these are the same adults who need to be tested. Drug testing isn't just to keep the abuser off of welfare it could insure the safety and well-being of the child.
A 2007 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study showed that 20 percent of RANF recipients reported having used illegal drugs once in the past year. at least 5 percent admitted to having a substance abuse problem. As these test are performed and the abusers are caught they will be taken off for so long. In order to get back on benefits they would have to comply and complete a drug course,counseling,and random drug test. Also being drug free could increase their chance of finding employment and have some stability in their family. Being drug free should go a long way in helping the recipient with mending their