Drug Testing For Welfare

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Do you want your hard earned tax dollars put towards drugs. If you don’t then you're on my side and we should drug test for welfare so your tax dollar go to people that need it not people that are going to spend it on drugs. People should be drug tested for welfare because testing for drugs will help people get the help they need for their drug use, people have to get drug tested for job why shouldn’t they get tested for welfare, and the government should discourage drugs as much as possible.
Testing for drugs will help people get the help they need for their drug use. In michigan if the welfare recipients fail the drug test they get sent for treatment to help them. If they refuse to not take the drug test or fail the test would would become ineligible for the benefits or get sent to treatment. and if they go through with the treatment they can continue to receive benefits. Now that we have talked about drug treatment we are going to talk about how people get drug tested for jobs, so why shouldn’t they get drug tested for welfare. The drug test for employment makes a difference not a big one but it still makes a difference. 65% of accidents on job are because drugs and alcohol.
The government should discourage drug use as much as possible to help or stop drug usage. If the government discourages drug people would be less likely to do them. If the government shouldn’t legalize drugs because then more people would start doing the drugs and the money the people earn wouldn’t go to thing they need they will start spending them on drugs and that means there