Drug Testing Should Be Mandatory to Receive Welfare Essay

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Drug Testing Should Be Mandatory to Receive Welfare

Many children are going hungry, homeless and/or unclothed because their parents chose to use the assistance they receive from the state via welfare on their own drug of choice. The government could more effectively find parents in need in the United States of America and get them the proper help to quit by getting them in a clean and sober program, by adding a law in all states that mandates those who are trying to get on assistance taking drug tests prior to getting accepted, and also having a random drug test to periodically to keep getting assistance in the future the system would be more efficient. Firstly, this will allow the Department of Human Services to help mothers and fathers (who are addicted) get off drugs and on a better path to become more appropriate parents to their children. Secondly, the new law will generate more funds into the system by withholding funds from those who do not pass the drug tests, and half the funds from those who do pass including the TANF that do not go out to parents who use drugs, to be able to help more families in need. Lastly, this law being in affect will open services that were recently closed down to people on welfare with the money that is generated through the drug tests.
If this bill becomes a law, for recipients to get benefits they will have to take a drug test to be accepted or to keep their benefits. The testing should be their responsibility. Recipients will pay for their drug tests and if they cannot come up with the money there could also be an option of doing community service for the money to pay for the test. If the recipient passes the drug test they receive half the cost of the test back on their first monthly payment. The other half will go into The Department of Human Services system to help them keep the benefits available for other families. For those who do not pass the drug test not only will they be declined for benefits, but they will also not get a refund back. I know those who are receiving assistance while using drugs will argue that this law is not a good idea because they don’t want to be caught or they could feel like it is a waste of money for them to take drug tests to get on or to keep their assistance going. Parents should never be using any kind of drugs while a child is at home unless they are prescribed to be on medical marijuana by a physician. The effects of drugs do not allow a mother/father to affectively parent their child/ren. For example, when someone is on drugs while parenting some effects that may arise in them are extreme discipline, unrealistic expectations’ of the child, isolation of the child, extreme mood changes, under response, neglect and more. (Weinstein, N. MPH, Date accessed 11-28-2012)
To illustrate, when this law is a part of the United States of America, it will allow the Department of Human Services to find the parents who use drugs and get them help if they intend on keeping their children home. If they cannot afford to go to treatment there will be classes available for them to take through the department. Children who are in a home that are subjected to drugs will be placed either with a family member approved by the state, or if that is not available they will be placed in