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| Tobacco: The Legal Killer | |


Tobacco: The Legal Killer
A silent Puff can be screaming death. There is about 443,000 U.S. Deaths because of cigarette Smoking Second-Hand smoke included ( Tobacco has been known to start being use in Circa 750 A.D ( Tobacco has been a huge part of the world’s problems, economy, and history. The Drug Tobacco is actually a plant that began growing in circa 6,000 B.C. Tobacco was discovered that it could kill a man in 1836 by, a New Englander, Samuel Green. There was an estimated number of 12 million Tobacco related deaths from the year 1906 through 2004. Early Europeans believe that tobacco can cure almost anything from bad breath to cancer. There is over 4,000 chemicals in Tobacco Products, 69 of them have the ability to cause cancer. The Tobacco plant’s seed is extremely small; there are 300,000 seeds in a 1 ounce sample. One of the 599 drugs that cause tobacco products to be addictive is Methyl Nictitate or Nicotine. “Nicotine is just as addictive as heroin and cocaine” (Protecting Your Children From Tobacco Use). Other Ingredients included in Tobacco products is Arsenic, which we used in rat poisons, Nickel, and Hydrogen Cyanide, which is a poisons gas. Even People don’t use tobacco products they can still get affected by Second-Hand Smoke. Every year 3,000 non-smoking adults die of diseases because of second-hand smoke. Second-Hand smoke causes coughing, phlegm, or mucus in the through, chest discomfort, and reduced lung function. Second-Hand smoke can also increase the risk of cancer, asthma, and heart diseases.

Tobacco Abuse can affect the body highly in different ways. Using Tobacco will decrease appetite. Chewing Tobacco can also stain your teeth, give you bad breath, ruin your taste buds, and