Drug Trafficking in Korea Essay

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Drug trafficking in Korea

In the movie, “The Man From Nowhere” is a story about a man named Tae-shik who runs a pawnshop from his cramped apartment. Tae-shik has a daughter named So-Mi whose mother is, Hyo-jeong. She is a dancer at a club and gets caught up with the drug cartels by stealing from them. She involves Tae-shik in her drug trafficking, without his knowledge and gets in trouble. Suddenly, Tae-shik is framed for murder and his daughter So-Mi is abducted by them. Once an black operations agent for the Korean government, he is determined to take down gang's highly refined Thai street thug, Ramrowan. Now with the knowledge that So-mi is being used by Chinese gangs to smuggle drugs and money. She will be killed to harvest her organs, Tae-sik sets out to locate and save So-mi. After watching this movie, it definitely shed some light on drugs that were being trafficking and used in Korea. Who would have thought that drugs would be such a wide issue in Korea, Just like America? North Korea has been a major player in the drug export trade since the 90's, with most of their product finding its way into China as well as small amounts into South Korea. Both China and North Korea are home to notoriously profitable drug trade. In 2010, South Korean authorities seized 8,200 grams of foreign-produced methamphetamine within the country. Of that total, around 57 percent of the illicit drugs originated from China and law enforcements believe that a large portion of the drugs