Drug Trafficking in the United States Essay examples

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August 27, 2012


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This research paper is designed to bring awareness to threat drug trafficking posses on the United States. The backlash of drug trafficking is critical, and has caused a crisis throughout the nation. The drugs that are getting through the borders of U.S are creating an epidemic. The people of the U.S are abusing these drugs and these drugs are destroying lives and families.

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Drug trafficking remains an issue due to the corruption in our legal system. The corruption in our legal system poses a threat to our economy, and our communities, which in return affects the lives of the people, especially in the African American youths in urban communities. The writer limits their topics to the four issues in my claim. The four topics are border patrol, corruption in the legal system, dug trafficking in African American youths, and how drugs are affecting lives.
By limiting the topics the reader will get the points that are trying to be made in this paper. This research paper it will present the reasons behind the current problems dealing with drug trafficking in the United States. This paper includes the claims involving drug trafficking and the justification by giving the importance of the claim. The reader will see the methods that were used to gather information used in research findings.

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Drug trafficking in the U.S. is a major issue that increases each year. The demand for Drug trafficking was the topic chosen for the growing issues that may pose arguments in the research paper the drugs continues to high in demand from the consumers who are addicted to the drugs that are coming through the borders. The borders are constantly facing problems being patrolled effectively. There aren’t enough agents to patrol and protect the routes at the border.

Patrol agents mostly work alone in remote areas which can be dangerous dealing with drug cartels that will do anything to get the drugs in. The border patrol is designed to protect the border at every port of entry, and instead it’s putting the U.S. borders are incapable of being patrolled effectively to stop the drug trafficking through land, and water ports.
The efficient amount of man power is not accessible; which makes it easy for illegal drugs to cross the borders. Border national securities are at risk from lack of resources to hire and train more agents.

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Which raises issues regarding the lack of financial backing when we continuously help foreign countries, and fund the war?
Including the U.S. also is allows our monies to aid in helping illegal immigrants that get caught, and that are deported back to their native country. The U.S. citizens have to help pay for them getting back to their homes, when our country is in distress.
The focus needs to be on getting new agents that are in good standing, and who will enforce the law on the cartels and people who help smuggle theses drugs in the U.S. The cartels will do anything to get the drugs across even bribing and offering thousands of dollars to agents, policemen, judges, and lawyers to aid in millions of dollars in drugs getting across the borders.
(New York Times) reported that last year in southern Texas there were 9 lawmen that have been charged with allowing guns and drugs to illegally cross the border. (UNIDC Program Technical Series Report #6) 130 border patrol men have been arrested and 600 more under investigation.
(Scholar Paul Gothenburg “Talking about the Flow”) talks about the corruption and how it seems to undermine the very state and legitimacy need to combat illicit activities. Also reports the unavoidable facts that under paid civil servants, and officers have every incentive to work with local drug trade rather then fulfill external agendas.

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