Drug Violence Essay

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Ryan Moody
English 102: Section 1
Dr. Tiffany Adams
April 12, 2011

Drugs and violence are becoming a major issue America today due to the economy more people are starting to sell drugs and use violence to make “fast and quick” money rather than working for the government or company to get a fix pay. The people that are usually doing it are those who have been around it most of their lives. There are some things that can be done to prevent this from spreading as rapidly as it is in the community.
It affects the community because the person will want to buy more to feel the same way as they did the time which is drug addiction. A solution to help this problem is that schools need to have more health classes explaining the effects of drugs on a human being and how it slowly tear down the human organs.
Need a paragraph to talk about - How can drugs cripple a community?
Violence is an extreme issue when it comes to gangs. More young teens are starting to join gangs to fit in with a certain group of people. The gangs are usually started in middle and high schools, when individuals will not let a specific type of people in their group. The main reason young teens in the community join is to feel connected with others that have the same values in common with and to have support or people to talk to about their problems. A method that may change the situation is to let young teens get more involved with sports and at home parents should try to communicate with them more.