Drugs an Easy Answer to a Difficult Question Essay

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Drugs: an Easy Answer to a Difficult Question I hate to admit it but drugs have always been apart of my life. I was born with cocaine in my body. I grew up watching my mother throw parties while I was sent to bed early. Ive found cut up straws around our home my entire life. That is what is driving this essay my need to know why. Not only why my mother did so many drugs but what makes drugs so appealing to so many people despite the consequences. I myself have indulged in many forms of recreational drug use so I have a vast network of people to interview. My main goal was to find out why people do these drugs and why wont they stop. I promised all participants their names would be kept private but their answers are very real and sometimes hard to hear. Lets begin with me. I was prescribed Adderall at age 5, so I was exposed to using very very early. This didn’t bother me until high school when I found others using this pill for fun when the very thought of taking this medicine even to this day makes my physically ill. After I turned thirteen I threw my Adderall down the sink but that wsnt the end of my problems, because then my older brother soon offered me marijuana. What a great relief that was to come from a super intense speed pill to something that could relax me . This of course set me on a dangerous path of laziness. Ive since overcome most of my issues with drugs but there are so many others that arnt so lucky and again I ask why. In my experiences ive met with a lot of users all with different stories of why they started and why they wont stop. My friend Abraham, a 24 year old gay male told me in our interview that he started out of curiosity, but being an out cast he found solace in the company of other users. This perpetuated his use and helped move him on to harder drugs. When asked he explained that even though he was gay he found it easier to be intimate with a man while under the influence. I of course told him that isn’t a right exclusive to homosexuals as ive often needed to be under the influence to be with a woman, even If I liked her. Which brings me to one of my many theories. We do drugs to avoid the intimace required for any real relationship. This most likely stems from our poor upbringing(I will reference this