Drugs: Drug Addiction Essay

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Drugs and Addiction
Drugs have many effects on the body and mind. People use drugs for various reasons nowadays; some are prescribed, but what about the people that use not prescribed? How do they get them? Many people that use these drugs find themselves doing almost anything to get them; there have even been some college students that get doctors and therapists to give medications without much examination.
There are many drugs a person can get addicted to from prescription drugs to more illegal drugs. Prescription drugs can be helpful if used as directed by a doctor; however, an addict will just see a chance to get a fix. Prescription drugs come in different forms: liquid, pills, and inhalants are a few that addicts like to use for personal stimulation. There are many different ways to break the forms down in order for them to be used like Oxycontin. It is a form a heroin for addicts. They will melt the pill down, they will heat a spoon with water one it, and use a small bit of cotton to make sure they don’t get any chunks of the pill that have not dissolved into their syringe before they inject themselves with it. Codeine can also be a good way an addict will get high if codeine is in a liquid they will drink it for a buzz, or inhaling Nitrous oxide. It don’t matter what an addict uses as long as they get there fix for the day. An addict will not concern themselves with the medical side effects are, which can be vary dangerous for people and cause more harm to their body’s then they can ever imagine. There is a person who has done so many drugs in their days the he does not seem to be all there he will be talking about one thing and a second later he will not remember he was talking to you. That is when an addict gets bad is they are so messed up that they will lose track of who they were talking to in the matter of seconds. Seeing as how it can be difficult to get prescription medication an addict will have to resort to illegal methods in order to get high, such as buying from a drug dealer. As it is with all addicts they seem to know a person or two that can get drugs from. The most popular drugs that a dealer would sell are methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana and sometimes other addicting drugs. It would seem that dealers are becoming more creative in the way they sell their drugs, like dipping cigarettes in liquid substances or putting drops of liquid acid on candy and other such things. It would seem even with the police arresting dealers every day that more dealers pop up, like a kind of hydra, you can cut one head off but two will grow in its place.
Addiction is a disease that a person is physically or psychologically dependent on a habit forming substance and can be fought if a person wanted, it might not always be easy in fact it’s hardly ever easy it can be a hard and painful process to get through and even then it will always be with you. There is a quote from an actor that would fit well here “Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town.” (George Carlin ) which is true as the saying goes once an addict always an addict. However, many addicts feel that they have everything under control, but that is just what they keep telling themselves just before they steal or lie to go out and get more. Addicts will tend to keep their drug problem to themselves it is not something they will yell out at the top of their lungs. It’s almost as if they are embarrassed by it.
Addicts will do or say many things in order to get the fix they feel they need. Addicts don’t think about the people that they lie or seal from, even if they are a friend or family member. There was a friend that use to use drugs bad he would go out at night and break into cars and steal stereos and things in order for him to pay for his habit until the police found and arrested him, however he was back out the day he got out stealing other stuff from peoples cars. I feel that he did not