Essay Drugs: Drug Addiction and Ones

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I would never use or take any type of illegal drug or alcoholic substance because I have

seen what drugs and alcohol can do to people. I have seen how far the deepest pits go,

without ever having been there myself. I know what bottom is and I shall never go there!

People that I knew and might have loved once have gone to the bottom and died there. I

will NOT follow in their footsteps and make the same mistakes that they have made.

I have seen drugs and alcohol turn good, caring people into bloodthirsty, selfish,

badgering monsters who easily hurt the ones they love most as though their loved ones

had never even meant a thing to them. The ones they once called their world are now

nothing but obstacles in their path, trying to obscure them from what they want to do and

keeping them from their unhealthy habits.

I have witnessed intelligent, collected men and women with potential to become

something/someone great and would have accomplished great goals, turn into slurred,

stumbling imbeciles who do nothing but stare. They dream their way through a pointless

life until they reach a meaningless death when they have never really lived in the first

place. They are but wandering zombies staggering through a wasted, meaningless life

that was nothing but a slow wait for death to begin with.

I have seen all types of people become slaves to their destructive desires for more

sedatives for their relentless addiction. All addicts gave up being a long time ago; now all

they do is anything that they can do to acquire what they want. They will hurt anyone and

anything without so much as a hesitation, just to have that feeling of nothing; no pain, no

emotion, just that few hours or more with no humanity, being able to forget that they have

to feel when the effect wears off because for some reason or another they wanted to

forget, to become numb to the world around them. Or maybe they just wanted to