Drugs: Drug Addiction and Various Reasons Essay

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SELLING DRUGS Drugs: many people in the world take drugs and are suffering because of that. Drugs are not made on trees so that people can pick them out. There are people in the world who sell drugs. There could be various reasons for selling drugs, however I strongly disagree with the idea of selling drugs. Why would people sell drugs in the first place? There has to be reasons for doing such a thing. Most people would do that for money rather than to harm others. Either they are in need of money because they need to pay a bill, or because they want to live a luxurious life (their life may be luxurious but also frightening because they will live with a fear of getting caught serving punishment for it). Selling drugs would be a quick way to earn money, however it is not the best technique. There is also an option of working at stores such as McDonalds and if that is already applied, then have more than one or two job, or start working full-time. It is an easy and a safe and a good way to earn a decent amount of money.
When someone is selling drugs, then that person isn’t only putting his/her own life in risk, but also the customers. A drug addict can get infected or die and if a customer dies or get infected, then it is the seller’s fault along with the person him/herself. The seller will have another guilt running upon him/her: the guilt of being a reason to someone’s death. If death or a disease doesn’t occur then it might be imprisonment. If a customer goes in jail and they are asked, “who sold you the drugs,” then there is no reason for the person to not report the seller’s name to the police. The person will tell on the seller because in a way, that comforts the person because he/she knows that it is not just him/her who is going to jail. Now the seller will be in jail all because he/she sold drugs to people.
Selling drugs is illegal to anyone, anywhere. It is even worse than taking drugs itself. The “drug seller” will have to live with the guilt of selling drugs for all of his/her life. Every