Drugs: Illegal Drug Trade and Prescription Drugs Essay

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Drugs are illegal and dangerous items. As a suggestion, do not get conned into carrying drugs for others, whether as personal favors or for profit. The risks far outweigh the possibility of getting away with it. In addition, if an individual is bringing prescription drugs, he should play it safe and bring the prescription for those drugs. He needs to bring any drugs which have been prescribed by the doctor, he must also bring evidence of the type of drug he is using. Otherwise, drugs will be confiscated. Drugs such as cannabis, LSD and cocaine are absolutely prohibited and Customs officers and police have the right to search for illegal drugs. Remember, never allow strangers to carry your bags at the airports, and never leave your belongings unattended. In a conclusion, the project has brought out a result in which majority of the students who are studying at KDU UC are understand the negative side effects and the knowledge of drugs. Most of the students drink coffee or alcohol and even some of them smoke cigarettes. All these are legal drugs by law of the country. However, there are still a minority of students would experience before illegal drugs. In addition, majority of the students would not try to involve in drug trafficking because they know that death penalty is prescribed for drug traffickers in Malaysia. Besides, there are several reasons that why people will get into drugs. 10% of the respondents will take drugs if their friends or relatives inviting them to take drugs. One of the respondents felt that he is bored with reality and he wants to have exciting feelings by taking drugs. 86.7% of the students are understand that drugs may bring bad effects to human and they will never take drugs because they know that drugs kill people. In addition, none of the respondents is interested or curious about drugs. Therefore,