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Alvernia University MUS 220 Grace Mesamours

Drum Circles Report
1. What is a ‘Drum Circle’?
A drum circle is any group of people sitting in a circle, playing hand drums and other percussion instruments. Drum circles can vary in size; it can go from a handful of people, to a group of thousands. Drums circles offer equality; there is no head or tail of the circle, the circle includes people of all ages, races, and religions. The main purpose of drum circle is for people to share rhythm and get in tune with others and themselves.
2. What is the history of the drum circle?
Drums are one of the oldest instruments in the world. Many or even almost all cultures have a history of drums being used as a healer, in marriages and a lot of other special rituals and celebrations. The drum has been dated back to 6,000 B.C. Drum circles are the oldest form of community-building known to the whole world.
3. Where and how are drum circles used?
Drum circles are used for team-building, in hospitals to assist healing of chronically ill patient and in parks, beaches and community centers for community building. Drumming help with relaxation, and loosening up your body and mind, almost like meditation. Drum therapy uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. Rhythm techniques have been used for thousands of years to help promote a healthy mind, body, and soul. Some studies have shown that the calming and focused aspect of drumming helps reduce stress, tension, and anxiety in everyone, but also in Alzheimer’s patients, autistic children, combat veterans, addicts, and etc. Drumming also helps reduce chronic pain, boost the immune system, and alleviate blood pressure.
4. How would you explain a drum circle to someone who has never experienced one?
I would explain a drum circle as extremely relaxing and peaceful, but also fun and exciting; all at the same time. I learned new facts about drums, drumming and other handmade percussion instruments. You will realize how simple it is but also how strongly it will impact you. Being part of a drum circle is just an amazing feeling.
5. What specific instruments were used in this drum circle? (In other words, what kinds of drums and hand percussion were used)?
In this drum circle handmade hand drums from Africa were used and also a couple of handmade instruments.
6. Describe how the drum circle unfolded: what was first, what came next, etc.
At first it was just everyone in the circle getting ready and situated, a lot of us