Drummer Boy Of Shiloh Analysis

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Have you’ve ever tried to get someone’s attention or get them to do something with symbols. If you have, then you have been using symbolism. This is using symbols to represent a particular message that you are trying to send. Let’s say that i want my little brother to do something without my mom knowing then i would use hand symbols in order to get him to do that deed. All people use symbols in everyday life, but most don’t realize it until we learn it in school or from someone else. Symbolism is also used to represent the message.

One symbol that is used in the “Drummer Boy of Shiloh” is that he had a drum and this represented that he sets the pace of the war. According to the text, “ if you beat with sorrow and sadness and sorrow, then the men will feel sadness and sorrow, but if you beat with
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According to the text, “ he smelled like all fathers should smell, of salt sweat, ginger tobacco, horse and boot leather, and earth he walked upon. This could only be and was, the general.” in this part of the text he is giving sensory details to show that there is a specific smell that you should know because he smells like this all the time. He is saying that when you smell these particular aromas you know who is approaching you. There is another symbol amongst the others that stand out. According to the text, “you are the heart of the army.” this means that he is the one that lets the army know how to feel in this war and the way to march. If the drummer boy is scared then he will beat scared and the army will be scared. This also sends the message that you should not judge the book by its cover. The whole time the drummer boy thought that he was nothing and meant nothing, but in actuality he was the army and the next in line to lead the army. Now by him knowing that he was the next in line he knew he had to fulfill his purpose in order to get the victory and to get