Drums Along The Mohawk Review Essay

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Laura Beth Rogers
History 201
30 June 2015
Drums Along the Mohawk
Drums Along the Mohawk is a western movie that is directed by John Ford and written by Lamar Trotti and Sonya Levien and release in 1939. It is about the life and struggles of the colonist in the Mohawk valley. This movie has Indian attacks, battles, loss, death, and happiness. John Ford uses setting, characterization, and theme to portray this story in a way that is relatable and allows the audience to emotionally connect with the characters. Drums Along the Mohawk is historically significant because of the time period that takes place. The battle that occurs between the settlers and the Indians (backed by the British) was something that happened a lot during the American Revolution.
The setting of Drums Along the Mohawk is absouletly essential to understanding the significance of the movie and what takes place. The time period in which the movie is set is during the American Colonial period in the New York Mohawk Valley. The man characters, Lana and Gil, are trying to make their home in unsettled lands. They must fight with Indians who destroy their own home. Then they gather with people from nearby to ban together against the Indians who are backed by the British. This becomes one of the battles of The American Revolution. Without proper context and setting the event in the story would not make sense.
The use of characterization in Drums Along the Mohawk help us to relate to the characters as well as develops a uniting theme. The newlywed couple Lana and Gil are by far the most important characters in the story. It is important to the overall meaning of the movie that we understand the transformation of Lana. She goes from being a spoiled city girl to a girl who is able to shoot a man during a battle. She adjusts to her new life and rises to the occasion when she is needed. Gil is a young man who wants to be a farmer. He brings is wife to the