Drunk Driving Essay

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Drunk driving has never been a pretty sight or something that has been approved by society. Not only does being under the influence while driving pose a threat to the well-being of the person driving but also endangers the welfare of others driving that path. Driving under the influence is a choice and any deterrent is totally for warned. I strongly believe that there should be zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol. A mandatory jail sentence on the first offense would send a clear message that the behavior is unacceptable. If there was more at stake and the punishment was harsher then not only would it reduce irresponsible behavior, but would also help reduce car accident related deaths.
Drunk driving is a direct result of bad decisions, it doesn’t happen accidentally therefore concluding that drunk drivers are just plain irresponsible. A first offense mandatory jail sentence would establish a clearly unfavorable consequence of drunk driving. Jail sentences are usually effective in frightening people away from doing certain things. Because of assaults occurring in jail, people are inherently scared of jail. If a person know that there is a jail sentence at the end of their wrong doing, then they are less likely to commit the crime because they aren’t in favor of losing things such as jobs, license, spouse, and even children. And for those with out jobs, they will have even less job opportunities. Attaching a jail sentence to a DUI would re-frame the way drinkers and the public perceive DUIs and force them to consider otherwise.
Also by scaring people away from drunk driving, will help to better ensure the safety of those driving the same path. There are thousands of DUI related deaths every year and this number will