Drunk Driving In The Scarlett Letter

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In The Scarlett Letter, the main character, Hester Prynne, was sentenced to wear a red fabric A on her bosom. This warned everyone who she encountered that she had committed the act of adultery. Now, adultery isn’t punishable by law, but the tactics used in The Scarlett Letter could still be effective today. Drunk driving is a cause very important to me. In the 1970s, my mother and grandmother were hit head on by a drunk driver. They escaped without injury, but their car was totaled. In 2013, drunk driving cost 10,076 lives. People drive drunk more often than one would expect. In a 2012 survey, 29.1 million people admitted to driving drunk (Drunk). That is more than the population of Texas. This is ridiculous. It is time for an effective program to cut down on DUIs and punish the offenders in a way that would make their actions publicly known. There have been many efforts to cut down on drunk driving such as road blocks, increased patrol, and educational programs. These are simply not enough. In addition to jail time and fines, I propose that anyone with two or …show more content…
The idea would then go through the judicial process and hopefully be made a law. Once it is a law, the plates can be mailed to offenders for use. In order for this to be effective, a nationwide DUI offender registry must be created. When a person reaches two DUIs, the system can automatically contact his or her local license plate office and have them mail the offender a license plate. This tag can be purchased for the same price as a normal tag. This database will also aid law enforcement in arresting repeat offenders. Currently, no database exists; if a person is arrested in another county or state, law enforcement will probably be unaware of previous convictions. Once a reasonable period of time for people to receive and install their tags has passed, they should be visited by someone to verify the correct use of the