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Drunk Driving
Dear President, There are many things that make someone a good citizen, but not drinking and driving is a really good one. Some of the reasons are, it keeps you safe, keeps families whole, and saves you money. Please listen to these three reasons. First off, not drinking and driving keeps you safe. You have a large possibility of getting in a crash. Also, it keeps you from jail. You can’t hurt or murder anyone. The article “useful drunk driving facts” said, “You think you are safe from DUI? Think again!!” some people might say “When I’m drunk, I’m just fine.” Still you never know what might happen when you are drunk. Here why not drinking and driving makes someone a good citizen. The second reason is you’re keeping families whole. You are not killing anyone. Also you are not drinking, which is good. Last people won’t be mad at you. “(Porter, 2008)” “Since 9/11 over 130,000 men, women, and children have died because of drunk driving.” Some people say ”Drinking makes me feel better when I get stressed.”, but if you are killing people it really doesn’t matter. I would rather keep families whole than drink. The last reason is it saves money. Car crashes can cost a lot of money. Also the fees are very expensive and the damage cast is a whole lot to pay for. Some people may say “What if there isn’t any damage to my car?” Well if you caused the accident, you still have to pay for the other person’s damage. The article “Drunk Driving Statistics” said, “Drunk