Essay on Dsnac Pays More Attention to Crushing Equipment’s Innovation

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DSNAC Pays More Attention to Crushing Equipment’s Innovation

On Monday this week, DSMAC convened a meeting, referring that DSMAC will pay more attention to crushing equipment’s innovation in 2013, because in recent two years the crusher becomes more popular with the enlarging mining, sandstone, cement and related industries.

In the changing market, industrial ups and downs is a normal phaenomenon, but how to keep the market share is the core issue. For mining equipment, the crushing machine is the hot sale product in these years, but the crushing machinery industry’s prosperous also needs the supporting of new technology. Some expert predicted that the stagnation should be ceased and some new technological research should be added in crushing equipment’s production.

In this situation, some prospective enterprise begin to emphasize on upgrading of equipment’s researching. For example, DSMAC, a famous Chinese crushing machine manufacturer and supplier pursue on mining equipment innovation, and has become the leader in mining machinery industry. In recent years, the enterprise send engineers to learn international advanced technology, and also cooperate with universities such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Technology, etc. The learned technologies are put into practice during the production process. Under the guideline of innovation, DSMAC has brought a series of comparative equipment, such as PF2325 impact crusher, the large impact…