Persuasive Speech On The World Need More Energy

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Chris Koilparampil 12/8/14
Science Research (DuPont Challenge) Mrs. Kenny

Imagine this. You are on the field of battle with your fellow soldiers, all of whom are friends and family. You are all under extremely heavy fire from the government as they try to take your land away from you; the land in which you and your forefathers before you have lived on for generations, without any recompense. Then they tell you that you should be honored because you’re helping the government. But you know in your heart that you would die before yielding. You look over to your left quickly when you hear a yell and find that your comrade in arm, also your brother has been shot. From looking at the wound you instantly know that he will not make it and you drag him back from the front lines planning to give him a proper burial and then you start to wonder if there was a better way. This is what the future may hold if we do not correct the problem at hand. The world needs more energy now than ever before. Between the years 2000 and the year 2010 the world went from using 87,237 billion cubic feet of natural gas to 113,858 billion cubic feet of natural gas.( “International”) that would mean that there was a 30.5% increase in the use of natural gas. The fact is that the world needs a better energy source, one that could be renewed so that humanity can avoid bloodshed and so we can save the world. Already masses of scientists and innovators are working on multiple different renewable resources. These scientists and innovators goals are to create technology in which humans would be able to convert any form of energy into electricity. (Rinkesh) Solar energy is one of the easily accessible and one truly renewable energy resources. (Rinkesh) Even with all the advantages of solar energy the technology of today would not be able to produce enough of this energy to sustain the amount of energy used. For example, if the day was not sunny this energy would not be able to work and all the technologies dependent on it will fail. Another renewable energy source would be wind energy. This resource would be able to be used in extremely remote areas such as a mountainside or valley. But the disadvantage to this energy is that to produce windmills is extremely expensive. And also there have been protest against the windmills because of the noise and the mentality that the countryside should be left intact for all people to enjoy. (Bratley) Hydrogen is one of the most common elements in the world, if not in the universe. Which should make it obvious that Hydrogen can be used as a renewable resource, as well. Hydrogen is completely renewable, enbiormenatally friendly and also does not leave any toxic emissions. Hydrogen can be used very often without fear of damaging the enviorment.