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Dylan Yu
Professor Wolfard
ENGL 1301
September 22, 2014
University of Texas Austin College is a place where most newly graduated high school students attend in order to obtain more knowledge and a degree. However, most students don’t know what makes a respectable college to attend. For some, the issues of tuition, location, and population does not matter, but those parts are some of the most essential part in choosing a school, one college that is exceptional in these departments is the University of Texas at Austin. Tuition: The University of Texas at Austin (UT) has a very reasonable tuition rate compared to some of the other states’ schools. The in state tuition for UT is a low $4,908(1) which is an extremely low tuition compared to other colleges that have approximately the same recognition such as the University of California Berkeley which has a high tuition rate of $12,972(2), which is almost a 1:3 difference in tuition costs per semester. The overall tuition of UT is one of the lowest tuitions for the nation, and should be situated in an individual’s thoughts when considering a college to attend. This low tuition might also improve the likelihoods of lower income families to send their children to attend college and attain a better living condition for themselves. Location: UT is located in the Texas capital of Austin which is one of the five most popular cities in Texas. Being the capital of the state, Austin draws in a large diverse population to the area. Also with the university being in the capital there are many recreational locations for college students to relax and release stress from school. Such as, multiple bowling alleys, bars, zoos, and amusement parks all located within a close vicinity of each other. An individual could choose from a variety of locations that suit his/her interests to entertain them during attending college. UT’s area is exceptionally good at having many choices for relaxation to be free from the stresses of college, but UT also provides facilities to help students focus on their studying. At UT there are multiple libraries designed for the which kind of major…